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Meet Ruben Ramirez

Valley Born and Raised

I am a former educator, current trial attorney, and Army veteran that served our country honorably in the Afghanistan war. I am eager to bring my strong voice and skills to highlight the unique challenges facing our district. I was born in the Rio Grande Valley and grew up in Edinburg, Texas. I was raised by my loving grandmother and my hardworking father who had to work multiple jobs to help our family make ends meet. I grew up counting my grandmother's daily tips out on the kitchen table to see which bills we could pay and how much we could afford to put in the gas tank. It wasn't always easy, but growing up surrounded by family and seeing the sacrifices that they made to make sure that we had enough food on the table instilled a deep work ethic, a profound sense of integrity, and a heartfelt love of country in me. 

My grandmother and father knew that the best route for me to rise above our circumstances was for me to get a quality education. They made sure that I studied hard, respected the teachers, and soaked up all the knowledge I could in the classroom. I was lucky enough to attend the University of Texas-Pan American, today known as, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in International Business with a minor in Biology. 

Lifting Others Through Education

After graduation, I became a licensed educator and taught Chemistry and Physics to high school students for five years in Edinburg, TX. This time was perhaps one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of my life. While teaching, I was blessed to positively and directly impact the lives of nearly a thousand high school students. I understood that if I could motivate one student to choose a better path in life, I not only would have affected that student’s life, but also improved outcomes for future generations. As a teacher on the frontlines, and a husband who is married to an educator, I understand the unique concerns of our parents, teachers, and students. I know the effects underfunding has on learning, as well as the impact of bureaucracy on teachers and administrators. 

Service to Our Country 

When our country needed soldiers to deploy to Afghanistan I again felt the call to serve.  I packed my gear, kissed my wife and nine-month-old son goodbye, and I volunteered to deploy to the war in Afghanistan to fight for our freedom in the U.S. Army. While deployed I was honored to have earned a battlefield promotion and a Bronze Star for Meritorious Service in recognition of my dedication, skilled work, and leadership. As someone who has personally stepped up to defend our country overseas, I am passionate about the safety and security of our country and that of my fellow Americans. I have firsthand knowledge of how the decisions in Washington D.C. affect our soldiers and their families. I know we have the best fighting men and women in the world and I will make sure they have every available resource to win any war or destroy any threat that we may face.

A Doctor of Law

After returning from my deployment, I brought my young family with me to the University of Houston Law Center to attend law school. Through hard work, grit, and determination, I graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence (law) degree and passed my Texas bar exam on the first try. Today, I am a civil trial lawyer with numerous trials, thousands of depositions, and hundreds of successful negotiations under my belt. 

Fighting for the District

As the next member of Congress from Texas's 15th district, I will continue to fight for my fellow veterans and district. Like all challenges I have faced, I will not back down and I will persevere.  I promise to protect and defend our precious Constitution. I have continuously set goals to help better my community, and I’ve achieved them. With your support and God’s blessing, I will make sure that the needs of the 15th Congressional District will be met.


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